What to do in Alice Springs outdoor

Be amazed by over 600 central Australian plants and 80 bird species recorded in the Olive Pink Botanic Garden. You are an early bird? Enjoy breakfast at the Bean Tree Cafe and go for a short walk around the garden.

Experience the breathtaking view of the Australian Outback while floating with Outback Ballooning and marvel at the first rays of the sun and relax with a sunset tour on a Camel with Pyndan Camel Tracks and watch the night be born on the West McDonnell Range.

Frugal tip for a lovely sunset: Head to Anzac Hill before the sunset, find a good spot and enjoy the panoramic view of the McDonnell Range and the beautiful color change. Anzac Hill is reachable by walking from the JumpInn. It will take you around 25 minutes to get there. You can also find some limited car spots but come early as it is a famous place for sunset viewing.

Your motto is Animals Come First? Look no further thanThe Kangaroo Sanctuary ! Meet Chris “Brolga” Barns and his rescued orphaned baby kangaroos and adult kangaroos. Educate yourself on how to rescue and care about wildlife on a guided sunset tour. You’re asking why only a sunset tour and not a day tour? The reason why is that the Australian icon sleeps during the day and starts to be active in the late afternoon.

Tip: Remember to pre-booked this tour as soon as you can as it is most of the time fully booked thanks to its popularity. This is a must-see place that you shouldn’t miss while being in Alice Springs.

If there is one place you must go to enjoy the best of the Alice Springs experience is Desert Park! I can guarantee you that your Outback experience will be changed if you head there. Immerse in the oldest living culture explained by an aboriginal ranger and you’ll learn another way of seeing. Connect with animals and their amazing Bird of Prey display that takes place twice a day and their fascinating nocturnal house. Connect with nature by discovering many different kinds of native plants.

Tip: The Desert Park is located 7 km from the city center. You have 3 options to get there.

By car and you can easily park within the Desert Park.

Cycling on the path that runs all the way along Larapinta Drive.

No car and no pushbike? No worries, head to the reception or on our website and you can book with us your transfer and entry to the park.

Wait no more and help spread the outback’s cultural diversity. The Desert Park is 100% worth 100% the time and money.

The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve in its full name is the original site where European’s settled, back in 1871! This Telegraph line did not only connect the Red Centre to the rest of Australia but to the rest of the world. Back in time, a message back to Europe would take 3 to 4 months by boat to arrive! And wait, it will obviously take 3 to 4 months to receive the answer that you are waiting for! How to tell you that you shouldn’t be in a hurry. Thanks to the Telegraph line a message would take 5 hours to reach Europe. Which shortens the time considerably.

The Telegraph Station is a good spot for trail bike and hiking. You can follow walking tracks and mountain bike trails to explore the local area and see some wildlife starting to be active in the late afternoon.

If you don’t have a car, it is an easy reachable half hour walk to get there or 15 minutes by bike.

Note: Looking to explore around Alice Springs with your car or you need a tour. Click here for more information.

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