Backpacking Australia On A budget

Backpacking And Budget Travel Guide For Australia

Either you apply for a WHV Gap Year, or just want to spend a few months, this guide will help you budgeting your backpacking experience in Australia.

Your WHV is granted (Hooray!) and your flight ticket to the Down Under is booked, and now you are wondering how much it costs to travel in Australia ?

Make it simple: For a backpacker lifestyle in Australia, a minimum budget gets between $70- 80 AUD/Day.

A budget trip to Australia really depends if you’re staying in a hostel and cook your meal on a daily basis. It doesn’t cover additional expenses such as drinks. Be aware that beers cost around $9 AUD. Speaking about beers, just so you know, the Jump Inn Bar & Restaurant offers discounts to travellers who stay with us on meals and drinks. If you think that this is kinda great news, we agreed.

Before planning exactly how much you want to save for your Outback Trip, let’s put your daily habits into perspective ( if you like to eat outside, going out, smoke..)

From $20 to $35/ night in a dormitory room. You can often find in hostels private rooms from $75 to $110 / night. It is the right compromise between hotel room comfort and socialization of hostels.

Money Saving Tips : Book ahead and direct book. Hostels Australia group offer to their members $3 off/ night (free membership!)

Use the Wifi as much as you can rather than constantly recharge your mobile plan.

Average meal in Australia costs about $15–20 AUD. A good meal at a nice restaurant will cost you about $40 AUD. If you think about saving money by eating junk-food? Don’t be fooled, even McDonald’s could be expensive—a value meal is about $10 AUD.

Money Saving Tips : Some hostels provide free breakfast and discounts at local restaurants. But we advise you to cook as much as you can.

A typical multi-day tour will cost around $400-540 AUD. Most day trips can be found for $50-300 AUD (link to Tour page?) Check out and book your tour here.

Ride sharing. It’s really easy to ride share in Australia. Every hostel has a notice board where travelers post rides. Staying with us? Head to the reception and check out the notice board. Note that there are amazing receptionists at the Jump Inn, they often know who’s looking for a ride or ride-mate. Come to see us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

To plan a trip from Alice Springs to Uluru you have different options. By Road, by flight or by coach. ( link to tour guide page )If you’re looking for a tour click Here.

Money Saving Tip: You can drink tap water in Australia, so refill your water bottle!

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